My Migraine Solution Story Pt.2

Migraine SolutionSo than we went to different religious and she told me they keep taking trip to lane. So I had still maintain the trip going every day. So she wanna meet keep takin  and she also game me some more steroid and I have just fed up with steroids. After that a took them anyways but they just made me feel so sick. N I just got really mad all the time and migraines fire stopping is Jess horrible. And it took about two or three weeks for that to get outta my system for me actually like feel a lot less nauseated steroids for just make me so sick. So that’s basically all she told us we could do. She dan said that we could go doing the migrant thing again every time I would have another migraine attack and I i I’m just never again that again. So I just is research and I did i’ll I allowed research and I talk to you some patients so in California our Neri like that Chad am. And II convince myself to bias I gotta find. I got with them five or six pain own eyes didn’t wanna where I finally started all me I boss-like fired I got the munchies and Tony didn’t throw up. It was Jess had forgotten while and felt like being without and then like two and a half months just straight pain and mattis anything like that. It was jus Merkel. And I’m not just saying that say I’m honestly same. I’ll was a hundred percent against like until I tried its Jess a lifesaver. I was getting really stuff thought about suicide and. It has real same about their. On us its honest its it works. So hi smoker for a month to grapple toms hours it was its def I’m not recommending anyone go out Jess I have my games, I can def understand live. So sorry my story done to doctor again. I’m probably have all me that my system by now my parents found out mamie stop. So fighting to get it legalized that’s the only way have release again. There still keeping me on the more tripped on. It still does not work it makes me said. Smoking almost. Its 13 the pain is just coming back. Its here today well downs started on shoes. I’ve been want small so spec sported from I on us. So I hey decisions all shows years after me talking all just me and saying my tax just some people just underestimate they are they doing its literally. That’s my story by open yes will make a difference sorry eight games. I’m I’m not a bad I get straight games and that’s market class people do this label you as a pop may automatically stupid. I’m still smiles people the my games I just can’t function I can function. I my instantly function. It’s just so frustrate people just don’t understand. One have my games you willing to do. So that sorta my story I’m hoping will make a difference. Sunday maybe this shared what ok my boys. I am on strangers tired anyone else that suffers from migraines that its so straight to have do something to get. And I also the medicines still archer doing cause her about problems million thanks for watching another lives about talking Jess why we X sorta more and cause why it works its thanks thanks for watching. We use shares please get this I can get yes legalize other people self thanks.

Okay is 7:30 p.m. And his head Excedrin. Today image educated just collapsed pain migraines. Can you say anything specific about how you feel.

Really week good his cheek said yes hers would yes is its back check this just a anything. That you think sir ok it’s a little after midnight. He said is really hurting it’s the same day as the previous video and I think it’s a severe pain. On the back of the net the head %um. It’s a debilitating types of pain his head hydrocodone about three and a half hours ago. And so we can’t take anymore that thats in seems to be helping with the pain the keeps recurring.