Prolong sexual intercourse

How to prolong sexual intercourse with a man

The duration of sexual intercourse with a man is one of the indicators of his “solvency” in bed. On average, a healthy person takes coitus from 15 to 40 minutes. With the use of powerful generics this time can be increased to 1-2 hours. If the relationship ends quickly, literally 2-5 minutes after the beginning, this is the basis for suspicion of erectile dysfunction and requires competent treatment.


Techniques and postures for prolonging sexual intercourse

For this purpose, intercourse is necessary only after a good prelude. It is very important that the man and his partner are sufficiently excited. It is not recommended to start coitus before the appearance of moist discharge from the woman’s vagina. Also need to alternate fast and slow movements. Ideally, periodically for 30 seconds friction should be discontinued to distract and calm the breath. The first pause is best done immediately after the introduction of the penis.

Below, all the existing techniques are described in detail:

  • “Stop-start.” Its author is the American urologist James Simmons, he developed his method in the 20th century. The essence of this method consists in the deliberate curbing of ejaculation at the moment of approaching orgasm. To do this, at the peak of excitement, interrupt coition for 30-40 seconds and at this time, breathing deeply, massage the penis. This can attract a partner, while it is important to alternate the power of stimulation medications for prolonging sexual intercourseof the phallus. After this, do not inject it abruptly into the vagina. There must be at least two or three such stages during the whole time of the sexual act. The ideal pose for this technique is “the girl is lying on top”, it can be combined with missionary and lateral.
  • “Compression.” This method was proposed by American sexologist William Masters and his assistant Virginia Johnson. The meaning of it is the timely compression of the penis before the release of the seed. For this, the partner must put the thumb of one hand in the place of the transition of the testes into the phallus, and the other on the head. At the same time, it is necessary to strongly press on the genital organ and do not shift hands to avoid stimulation of orgasm. To perfect this technique, the “woman on top” is the ideal pose.
  • The Taoist. It was created in ancient China and is successfully applied in medicine, esoteric and sexual practice. This technique implies the alternation before the onset of orgasm of three shallow and one deep respiratory movement. They should be done about 2-3 minutes before the end of the sexual act. At the time of ejaculation, the penis should be almost completely removed, leaving only the head at a depth of 2-3 cm. At this stage, in order to increase the duration of the sexual intercourse, men should again breathe in the same way as described above, only combining already 5 non-strong and one strong movement. Then for a few seconds you need to hold your breath and repeat the same thing without introducing the phallus deeply.


For the prolongation of coitus, one of the most popular poses, missionary, in which it is very difficult to manage the process (it is better to leave it at the end), is not suitable in full measure. The most optimal is the position of the man from behind when he is standing or sitting. A less preferred option is the “woman on top” option.

According to sexologists, it is always better to start with active poses – “Ascension to desire”, “Hero”, “Juniper”, “Plow”. After this, it is recommended to move to more quiet movements – “Patronthash”, “Rowing boat”, “Reverse slip”.

An actual posture at the finish line for those who want to stretch the pleasant sensations for as long as possible, can become the same missionary posture. Passive, slow movements are welcomed, without jerks. To slow the onset of orgasm it is important to reduce the force of friction of the penis against the walls of the vagina. For this, a woman needs to position her legs as wide as possible.

How to prolong sexual intercourse with a man?

Trying to understand how a man can prolong sexual intercourse, do not forget that its duration is certainly important, but the quality of intercourse should be the priority. Not the fact that a multi-minute coitus can bring great pleasure to the same girls. Having achieved the indicators in 15-20 minutes, it is quite possible to stop at this.

Exercises for prolonging sexual intercourse to a man

The most popular technique is that offered by the gynecologist Arnold Kegel. It implies the retention of the jet during urination. To do this, you must stretch the abdominal muscles and do not relax for 30-40 seconds. After this, you should slightly empty the bladder and repeat the exercise again, and so 3-4 times. Perform them every day.

Kegel also suggested another way – alternating the compression and unclenching of the muscles of the penis, as much as possible. In addition, it is useful to combine the pushing and retracting movements of the penis. In total, such exercises should be done 10 times a day, gradually increasing the number to 50 times.

Here are some other exercises you can include in charging:

  • Marching. Stand upright, lower along the body of the hand and now actively raise your legs in turn as high as possible, preferably up to the chest. In order not to lose the chosen rhythm, count to three. Give this stage about 3 minutes a day.
  • Running. Become straight, put your feet together, slightly tilt the body forward and simulate running on the gym. Begin to do this slowly, gradually increasing the speed. In this case, try to make the heels almost touch the buttocks, and the knees – the stomach.
  • “Bridge”. Lay down on the floor, bend your knees, place under the buttocks, and place your elbows under your head. Now tear off the body of the body, leaning on the hands and exercises for prolonging sexual intercoursehead, and rise as high as possible.
  • “The Stone”. Standing steadily and holding your hands on your waist, squat slightly, wrapping one foot with the other. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds, then straighten up, take a few breaths and exhale and repeat it all 3 times.
  • Uddiyana. Standing with a straight back, place your legs apart, and place your hands behind your head. Now exhale sharply and draw in your belly, holding your breath. Then within a minute, turn your hips.
  • Rubbing. Lie on your back, bend your knees, putting your heels on the floor. Hands stretch out behind the head, keep the sacrum pressed to the surface. Then turn the pelvis clockwise, as if massaging the lower back.

For the extension of sexual intercourse, all postures in which the blood flows more actively to the penis are useful. That is why it is very important to perform the exercise “bike”, “scissors”, “legs with legs” lying on your back.

If the training of the muscles of the penis does not bring any results, it can be justified to use special erection rings. They put on the penis in the root area, grasping and scrotum.


Nutrition for the extension of sexual intercourse to a man

Those who want to coitus was long, it is necessary to focus on the intake of a large amount of zinc in the body. It is this mineral that is responsible for a good erection. They are rich in pumpkin seeds, oysters, soy flour, pecans, chicken hearts.

Zinc will be ineffective without the addition of vitamin E , which is found in large quantities in walnuts, vegetable oils, bran bread, brown rice, red fish, bananas and tomatoes. All these products improve potency, prevent erectile dysfunction and allow the penis to maintain a longer stress.

The third most important substance is magnesium, it is in apricots, prunes, chickpeas, beans, oat flakes.

Another important vitamin is carnitine, the concentration of which is high in beef, pork, cod, ice cream, cheese and avocado.

Those who want to prolong the sexual intercourse should use as many exciting products as possible – greens, turnips, onions, garlic, ginger, citrus, coffee and any drinks based on it.

Note! It should be removed from the menu or reduced consumption of smoked products, sweets, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, flour products, fast food.


Medications for prolonging sexual intercourse in men

The best tablets for otdviganiya orgasm recognized Viagra (analogues – Adamax-100 and Alti-Met). They are made on the basis of sildenafil, which increases blood flow to the penis and supports a normal erection. But, of course, the drug works only with sexual arousal. In order for the drug to help, you need to drink it 50 grams for an Generic cialis hour before intercourse. Depending on the effectiveness of treatment, the daily dose can be increased to duration of sexual intercourse100 g. The

Second most popular drug for maintaining an erection is the generic Cialis (analogues – Up-Great, Vekta, Viassel). The active substance here is tadalafil. The product is available in the form of tablets, which need to drink 20-30 g for half an hour before contact.

Tablets for men for prolonging the sexual intercourse Levitra (analogues – Vivira and Vigrande) based on vardenafil are also considered quite effective , they are sold in a cardboard package of 4 pcs. The recommended initial dose is 10 mg, it is desirable to take the remedy 30 minutes before intercourse, but it is possible earlier.

If you want to get results immediately, then you should use the STUD 5000 spray. It is a blocker of sodium channels, due to which the movement of impulses along the nerve channels slows down and the penis stays strained longer than usual. To do this, just spray the product on the phallus 15 minutes before contact. The spray starts to act after 2-3 minutes, and the effect is preserved for almost an hour.

Of the topical products for prolonging sexual intercourse in men, you can use and Lidocaine in the form of a spray. It reduces the sensitivity of the penis, postponing the onset of orgasm and at the same time not reducing penile tension. Use it just like the STUD 5000.

Note! Viagra and similar tablets can not be taken on a permanent basis, since they are harmful to the liver and kidneys.