Anabolic effect of water in strength training

Anabolic effect of water in strength training

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Water plays a key role in the life of any athlete. Lack of water leads to weight loss, as the effect of catabolic hormones increases. The water balance is the main constituent of metabolism.

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strength trainingSportsmen of power sports grow after training much faster if there is enough water in their bodies. Dehydration, or as scientists call it, hypohydration, reduces the natural production of anabolic hormones after strength training and stimulates catabolic production. Sports scientists from the California State University wrote about this phenomenon in the journal of applied physiology.

Dehydration is bad.

If, as a result of dehydration, you lose a certain percentage of your weight, the quality of strength training will be significantly reduced. Moreover, studies have shown that dehydration after exercise increases the production of cortisol. Finally, fat cells that have a good supply of water can easily release fatty acids into the blood, and in muscle cells, there is less destruction of the protein structures if there is enough water in them. Thus, we can say that Generic Viagra water is in some sense anabolic.


waterThe scientific research of the State University of California (Cal State) has expanded the scope of our knowledge about the importance of a normal water balance for athletes of power sports. In this study, 7 bodybuilders were tested three times in squats with a weight of 80% of a one-time maximum.

In the first case, the subjects had a sufficient amount of fluid in the body, in the second case their body weight was reduced by 2.5% as a result of dehydration and in the third – by 5%.


After training, the researchers measured the amount of anabolic and catabolic hormones in the test subjects blood. They noted that dehydration led to an increase in the output of cortisol after training and to a slight decrease in the production of testosterone and growth hormone.

The conclusion.

“These data indicate that the body’s water balance is an important factor in hormonal balance and improves the metabolic response to force loads,” the researchers concluded.