Migraine Headaches: Proving Disability Can Cause a Headache

Disability for migrainesDime without a doubt migraine headaches are painful reduce your quality of life and can prevent you from working. For many years social security took the position that migraines were not an impairment could be determine medically because the diagnosis was made only on reported symptoms. This position changed in 2009. Migraine disability case is not easy to prove but it can be done. Social security requires that other conditions be ruled out and that the headache events can be described in detail by a doctor. Social Security defines a migraine as an intense headache with more than moderate pain and has with it my green characteristics and phenomena. The diagnosis of migraine must be made by a physician and the description should include answers to these questions what are the migraine advance warning symptoms are headaches accompanied by Nara. What are the duration  intensity and accompanying symptoms such as nausea bombing or abnormal pain from light and sound and what are the effects of treatment. There are other acceptable indicators like an untreated or unsuccessfully treated headache event which lasts from four to 72 hours and is accompanied by at least two with these conditions. A unilateral pulsating quality moderate to severe pain which gets worse and the head it becomes more severe with routine physical activity and is accompanied by at least one symptoms such as nausea bombing or abnormal pain from light or sound. Most successful cases are won because medical records show disability applicants make a continuous medical effort to seek relief. That the condition is documented by an real adjust and that employers will not tolerate the frequent absences that accompany chronic migraines. Our experience has shown the migraine headache disability cases are complex and difficult but they are winnable. At cutting in law you have a dedicated team of professionals in your corner who understand the system and will fight for your rights. Call us for a free evaluation of your case doom in.