My Migraine Solution Story.

migraine solutionsHey what’s up everyone. This is going to be my first. Talk about basically in my story¬†Iran’s effect in lives. I guess i’ll get started. So arm sorta my story when I started having migraines. I was 15 years old.¬† Arm I noticed I head love better problems seeing stuff class gets out disorder blurry vision little ok it out thanks just floating around in. Was really distracting but that line for a few weeks until I started experiencing I’m a little bit of pain. Yes come on shortly after start seeing the little dots and everything and didn’t really bother me that much Intel they just kept getting worse and worse. Arm so I am eventually went to a doctor after I missed a few days school I eventually went to you emergency clinic thing and they couldn’t diagnose me with migraines but they were very sure my gains. All I could do was get Mason or tabs and those for pain. Dane recommended I went to a neurologist kid better treatment. S II took a hydrocodone lortabs wearing i’ll and me set up an appointment with a neurologist and it would take about a month first again. So om we then went to you a different doctor and shoes to ensure I had my aunts to use she gave me Tramonto shot and our supposed to use sorry relieve some of that tension in my neck sad really bad neck cramps and everything. And now suppose to you somehow let more blood flow into my brain and somehow fix my migraines but that didn’t worked very well well it didn’t do any. After that we just have to wait for them largess I missed a few more days school honest about six days school function. File hours def bag check my reflexes check inside make sure wing spots told me to get MRI all my scan scan claims I definitely have my veins so shroud trip to Long and that is speedy Sony prevent it medicine by ever probably take about to three weeks to even notice a difference. Said I started taking my area I after about three weeks I didn’t see any changes. So I was still taking out by

After I didn’t see any changes we went back to them religious and he prescribed checks in said my pants worn down by like to any fifty dollars worth for nine tails and know those pills did anything and then he prescribed another medicine started with T I forgot the name and it did nothing at all you there. So then he was all a lot of options and recommended we go to the emergency room to get what they call the migraine cocktail. And what am I going doctor is steroids benadryl and tram at all. So the travel I already had with second doctor and didn’t do anything. Diet they gave all that stuff to me injected that into me with

And I me. And it in really takes my mind games at all. I was pretty I was trippin I started seeing Mike Cassidy. Oily coloreds Jess rise up the walls like driving cars. I I just like past sent at the worst of all injected instance by you your area is just so uncomfortable. It’s like don’t instance or so I am so it took about a week and a half all that to get outta my system. It Jess made me feel release I always felt nauseated. The next day I had Jess skip school as I was just about throw up everywhere headaches or so bad house had a whole bunch Nigeria manaus msgs hell as one of the worst feelings ever so I am really and against steroids okay is 7:30 p.m. And his head excedrin today image 100 just collapsed pain migraines can you say anything specific about how you feel. Really week his his cheek said yes hers would yes is its back check this you’re just a anything that you think said. Ok it’s a little after midnight and eason is really hurting. It’s the same day as the previous video and I think it’s a severe pain on the back of the net the head %um it’s a debilitating types of pain. His head hydrocodone about three and a half hours ago and so we can’t take anymore that. Thats in seems to be helping with the pain the keeps recurring.