Migraine Explained – Nutritional and Physical

physical therapy for migrainesThe new you know what I just roomies was healing from its today I want to talk to you up a food headaches. Now the many reasons we can get headaches. A course it be back sheerly season in the stomach over gross DB these talks in GBP to find you pro-change be doing eating too many proteins you could be eating the wrong foods it could be food additives preservatives blood sugar dysregulation. You name it. But today I want to go to little things. I think in another pointing to think about in this is based off the work rate Pete and give you actually the reference for all you reference junkies. So if you get his newsletter year kinda shit outta luck but its reach peace newsletter are copyright 2011 March 2011 %uh serotonin infection disease aging in information. Chu paragraph 22 24 page 123 page four column 1 line. I would say e6 you 27 is that enough reference layup. Speaker love the sarcasm. Anyway he talked about headaches. Decrease estrogen production in the body which can happen from pledges regulation. It could be from the livers inability to talks faster in. Over synthesizing progesterone, deficiencies progesterone in our bodies of course from exhaustion is estrogens as well so dull person civic but he talks about her estrogen inhibits em ação in the body which actually helps regulate specific things like serotonin and melatonin to down-regulate in this others i Norge on adrenaline but edge inhibits de Mayo which helps to detoxify serotonin two maro actually helps detoxify serotonin. Know it also shows a progesterone increases emil which helps to detoxify the ex’s serotonin in the body which is highly inflammatory it done time do you choose on this. At the same time not as SUV hits the MBL actually increases enzymes that control Roelofs rate of synthesis %uh the Serrano serotonin the body which increases it to. Excess serotonin the body causes the beans because now the estrogen actually inhibits emil serotonin goes up co2 levels go down metabolism Bayreuth everything down regulates. Necessary tone among other things causes the beads the honorees other p.m. At a in the brain to fill with blood which causes circulation to the brain to decrease. So you get a look at it form only it’s a wall me I have a headache because I love estrogen dominance from exogenous sources leisurely dysregulation over synthesizing progesterone on %uh progestin. To that one day we reasons why you know we can see women might get my grades are under cycle so it’s something to look into. Its course you have more questions give us call 760 597 977. SE don’t bring up something a little bit different. Now of course a lot of myself as a little technical a field some people say well you know you to talk to go he shoulda do for the layperson. You know I understand at the same time BME homes and I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to really dumb things down which is not dumb down just bring them to that level. I just wanna share information as my point of doing this it. I’m not writing a thesis I’m not same an expiry I don’t same God. All I do is share what I learned that’s really it I’m here to share. So if you want to come out to be crappy on-duty sharing in if it keeps going I won’t share anymore. Alright to another school of thought on headaches know if you don’t wanna know an enemy in this you know the practitioner you bored by it don’t have to watch as he could that’s where a little bit but I think this stuff is fun kinda interesting. So if you look you cranium this is kinda the front that your frontal bone in death more great dear his speedo it’s the alone in the arts but in the back okay. You have temporal bones which a party this but it’s hard to hold tear poor bones go here inside basically if you stick your finger in your area touching it and poor alone to. In your brain around your brain are separating the two hemispheres you bring your call what’s called the faults Sri be that separates the two hemispheres the brain. So basically from the crystal Galla the ethnically all the way back separating the two hemispheres you line up kinda basha detaches to Sutherland’s  full grown here that line in your phone occipital bone. That’s actually how you develop that on indentation a southern folk I’m in your own occipital bone around I think it’s and a key member exactly anywhere from one year plus even little further on. Cuz your front the occipital bone classifies later on a disaster by obviously a boy. Then you have the tent warm Sarah belly which separates the um cerebral from the cerebellum to serve alums down here said Julie on. In it separates the two industries from the cerebellum right. Now the thing about that actually catches from saloons full-grown Street sinuses and things like that in the occipital bone. It goes shoup civic specific parts I love the sphenoid bone which is the interposer clean 08 the sphenoid bone. In at Peters portion up your temporal bone. So just think about that as we talk about this. And you can research this you can look at osteopenia greenfield and dune any credence Eagle book stated just look in any in any book netters Clemence on done any any any any book you’ll see all this fashion that’s really where again in his room. You then you have the balks Sarah belly which separates the not to have to the cerebellum down here and then actually attach is from the street sinus once again down to c0 c1 c2 it connects all F Asha to the freemen 9 a.m. Down to you s2 in a cock 6ba to p.m. Matter. So really wanna getting at is this fifty got the frontal bone in the ethnically. Get the sphenoid in the in the occipital bone. Know anytime you have entitle movement a day can you breathe the movies Boozer these bones are always moving there the flexing their extending their wrote eating their side ending in rotating on and on and on. Anytime you have any trauma to the head. Anytime any trauma to your secret you clock six right. Anytime you know a it really could be anything to be honest with you. But anytime you have a locking mechanism we call lesion all were laced ago no doesn’t want to go on another movement. So let’s say we inhale it goes like this week exhale everything goes like that. Let’s say you’re locked here and every time the Excel doesn’t go back. Same thing with the rotation some could be a lot like this or this yes side bending in rotations on to the to the same side you can give I’m a it superior in very vertical strain on and on and on. Worst thing that can actually create a headache and a lot of people sorry is anytime you have abnormal movement this and here it is because to holding it. It a lot attention on that mechanism that daschle mechanism. So if you have serious lesions in those bones are in the fascia is the bash is connected to those bones through that mechanism that explain. It was tension a lot attention on the attachments %uh potential harm %uh sir on sorry sir billi which basically works with the other two pieces of ash a look at this can do it actually can create on dysfunction in specific structures such as the cavernous sinus which receives hormones from the pituitary in how the down the switching regulator hormonal issues. That’s why you see people they get great ass you got to work ok renews Eagle work to that mechanism to what they call the SBS right this. Love the cranium might get some hormonal regulation keeps. At the same time you see issues with them circle Willis which could cause vascular issues which can cause headaches. You’ll see functions at the base the cranium oil-based the brazen actually get affected such as sleep appetite in arterial tension. You’ll see issues would create owners wanted to you which is off at the Oakley motor as well as other nerves in fact ocular control. To seeing that people can get actual headaches from hormonal issues from the foods we eat but also it can be physical. So we can always say the headache is one way in this is how we get headaches because you can see that piece of this. that because the fascial connections in the brain to the cervical spine through the some drastic lumbar spine to the Cox it’s a grim the Canon issue below affecting about other issue both acting at the loan how the structural issues abacha loses can create tension. one the Fox dreary boxer billion to its warm sir Billy which create hormonal issues lack a blood flow you need it which can treat migraines. Salt Lake go too deep hopefully learn something a big mikeee point of doing this is look further if something’s not working try something different and you get a lot of relief from physical work as well not it’s not always formal because everyone has headache for specific reason. To that’s the key point to doing this. Thanks for tuning in.