Optical Migraine Aura: A Personal Case Study

Optical MigraineTheĀ  the No the the the more hello my name is Peter and I suffer from migraines. I never knew it RI never knew it until recently. My history and it started since it started about 12 years ago. I was in hospital. I with another completely different condition. I went a.m. Experience the symptoms of migraine. I’m and when trying to explain to the doctors and the hospital and subsequently when I left hospital and you know as I got better over the years with it so the condition. Because it was unable to use the correct terminology the correct words. I am no one was home ever able to tell me what it lost some that I was suffering from.

Was centers across the and that state the same throughout the twelve years. The first symptom that I get is a little being that seems to go off in my life for once a better place eyes possibly. I’m so mad be on the I being I get blind spots again not associated with 100 the other closing my eyes doesn’t make any difference a 100 makes no difference whatsoever. I have these blind spots. That would last me for about five minutes. Eventually the blind spot loans it lose to the side satellites of my life. A and forms like a six ACK patton around my life the semicircle I’m in my life. I feel nauseous I feel dizzy I’m feel really that’s i cant focus properly on things around me. I’m so much the focus on something I need to look away from it which seems ridiculous his mitts and of course I wouldn’t focus properly that way but a now is the by other companies. Sup that zig-zagging would last want crescendo would grow grow grow grow grow and then the be a walk through walls behind my eyes somewhere within my brain possibly and reaches a climax and then the lines away.

Wanted to cope with it when it when the attack happens. Is if at all possible I’m I would lie down. Are going down and try and sleep. I’m sometimes it’s not possible to do that announce driving whatever all I’m you know I mean and shopping you know I’m outside how some available fourth

Going to head to lying on that. In which case its case and just basically sitting down I’m waiting for it to pass. The matter like this twenty minutes I am 25 minutes possibly. Sometimes I fall asleep when I’m lying down I’m gonna wake up has passed.

Well I don’t know what causes it. I suspect what brings in on which is slightly different to the cools.

What brings on something seems to be a sense of frustration. I’m it’s not stress because our do too stressful things which I yes I enjoy enjoy being stressed on occasions and doing new things.

Am quite often the sense of frustration may be over silly little things. I feel totally frustrated uncertain coping with its something goes pain and that is the offset. I don’t know if that’s coincidence I’m I don’t know if and his what brings it on but busty only hunt likens to comment the only label I can say is frustration for me seems to bring.

It home it was only actually two days ago. I’m when I’m decides to Google my symptoms my hit upon the correct and four wheeler all the correct words to use to sell to bring up the whole. I’m in an explanation of what some suffering from. I was stoned to think that it was migraine because i’ve always associated migraine with severe headaches and type in very fortunate obviously the on some people have what I suffer from and then subsequent it develops. And swish a huge headache and that knocks them out for you know day two days three days even. And so on extremely fortunate thats my sense was my order mime migraine or meet rainwater does not subsequently go into headache and the vomiting and nausea. I’m obviously I’m just touched fine this helms on unfortunate but yes just two days ago I’m I am describe my symptoms like I put the was vision zigzag into Google. I’m and I was stoned to see thats are a millions of others suffering just like south with its. I’m many people suffering horrendously with its a I’m so please that’s a I found out. What his. Because I saliva something wrong with my brain got a brain tumor on going blind or something wrong with my own eyes. I misses can’t let little laid out lots along because home you know closing my eyes does make to make any difference whatsoever. I’m to how I deal with the illness also I was really so really you know was pleased about that

But also to get a diagnosis to know exactly what’s. I’m what i’ve got and that’s why I can now I feel uncomfortable lot better and you know I no its group and find out with tips and hints on how people I’m help get rid of it by then attacked as come. Others wanna say that’s a it just fit in really with my lifestyle

And that is I’m on when people have attacked the Sri contracts drink power you know his pamphlets to rehydrate bodies and that’s something that may be of mist. You know that’s awesome aspects of mind

Looking at myself I have full down with. So therefore and that will be nyse: you know for example as Mon huge tip that have received from having the correct diagnosis. So thanks to Google thanks to everyone is open to the public about these migraines migrant border and all the words associated that we should use from going to the doctor fortification. I’m it’s cold in the sex act around the lines they will possibly know i’m talking about. Next time I go. I’m but they didn’t have a clue I thought it was so stressful whatever. I’m didn’t quite understand what I was getting at but they do now them why went that.