Treating Aches & Pains : How to Fight the Type A Flu Virus

flu migraineHi I’m not david hill and today we’re going to talk about how to fight  the type a influenza virus. Now influenza viruses are not all the same. In fact one all the hallmarks the flu viruses that into shape shifter. He changed shape from year to year. It has different components they can mix and match kinda like those Lego you know row black guys. A so E can transform enough that it doesn’t look the same from one year to the next but we can still categorize clues into broad categories Taipei anti be. Frequently different medications are effective in getting flu season. The tracking is until the flu season starts it’s hard to know which medication is going to work for which virus. In the most recent flu season it turned out that influenza A was largely susceptible to assault him appear or Tamiflu but not to some the other anti-inflammatory medications. Is that going to be the case this year. Don’t know we’re gonna have to wait till some people start getting flu and try to figure that out. The best place to look is at the Centers for Disease Control CDC done Gulf their website will have regular influenza updates in your doctor should be keeping track of those updates. So here she should know was prevalent in the community. Here she may even be able to test you for with you have leeway carefully be and decide what apps crime. Now there are some other options in a given season one is is an atmosphere that sold as Relenza answer technet by mouth is actually inhaled and then there’s a man today in a rhyme entertain. Other two drugs that may work in some seasons most recently we haven’t seen the mean terribly effective but Sunday’s they are. So how do you kill influenza A just depends on the flu season which one it is. So stay tuned CDC doctors stay intact say in touch with your doctor if you think your flu and most importantly present in the first 48 hours ago miss because after the first two days i’ll tell you what will kill influenza A nothing. Sup this doctor david hill talking about killing influenza type A.