Prolong sexual intercourse

How to prolong sexual intercourse with a man

The duration of sexual intercourse with a man is one of the indicators of his “solvency” in bed. On average, a healthy person takes coitus from 15 to 40 minutes. With the use of powerful generics this time can be increased to 1-2 hours. If the relationship ends quickly, literally 2-5 minutes after the beginning, this is the basis for suspicion of erectile dysfunction and requires competent treatment.


Techniques and postures for prolonging sexual intercourse

For this purpose, intercourse is necessary only after a good prelude. It is very important that the man and his partner are sufficiently excited. It is not recommended to start coitus before the appearance of moist discharge from the woman’s vagina. Also need to alternate fast and slow movements. Ideally, periodically for 30 seconds friction should be discontinued to distract and calm the breath. The first pause is best done immediately after the introduction of the penis.

Below, all the existing techniques are described in detail:

  • “Stop-start.” Its author is the American urologist James Simmons, he developed his method in the 20th century. The essence of this method consists in the deliberate curbing of ejaculation at the moment of approaching orgasm. To do this, at the peak of excitement, interrupt coition for 30-40 seconds and at this time, breathing deeply, massage the penis. This can attract a partner, while it is important to alternate the power of stimulation medications for prolonging sexual intercourseof the phallus. After this, do not inject it abruptly into the vagina. There must be at least two or three such stages during the whole time of the sexual act. The ideal pose for this technique is “the girl is lying on top”, it can be combined with missionary and lateral.
  • “Compression.” This method was proposed by American sexologist William Masters and his assistant Virginia Johnson. The meaning of it is the timely compression of the penis before the release of the seed. For this, the partner must put the thumb of one hand in the place of the transition of the testes into the phallus, and the other on the head. At the same time, it is necessary to strongly press on the genital organ and do not shift hands to avoid stimulation of orgasm. To perfect this technique, the “woman on top” is the ideal pose.
  • The Taoist. It was created in ancient China and is successfully applied in medicine, esoteric and sexual practice. This technique implies the alternation before the onset of orgasm of three shallow and one deep respiratory movement. They should be done about 2-3 minutes before the end of the sexual act. At the time of ejaculation, the penis should be almost completely removed, leaving only the head at a depth of 2-3 cm. At this stage, in order to increase the duration of the sexual intercourse, men should again breathe in the same way as described above, only combining already 5 non-strong and one strong movement. Then for a few seconds you need to hold your breath and repeat the same thing without introducing the phallus deeply.


For the prolongation of coitus, one of the most popular poses, missionary, in which it is very difficult to manage the process (it is better to leave it at the end), is not suitable in full measure. The most optimal is the position of the man from behind when he is standing or sitting. A less preferred option is the “woman on top” option.

According to sexologists, it is always better to start with active poses – “Ascension to desire”, “Hero”, “Juniper”, “Plow”. After this, it is recommended to move to more quiet movements – “Patronthash”, “Rowing boat”, “Reverse slip”.

An actual posture at the finish line for those who want to stretch the pleasant sensations for as long as possible, can become the same missionary posture. Passive, slow movements are welcomed, without jerks. To slow the onset of orgasm it is important to reduce the force of friction of the penis against the walls of the vagina. For this, a woman needs to position her legs as wide as possible.

How to prolong sexual intercourse with a man?

Trying to understand how a man can prolong sexual intercourse, do not forget that its duration is certainly important, but the quality of intercourse should be the priority. Not the fact that a multi-minute coitus can bring great pleasure to the same girls. Having achieved the indicators in 15-20 minutes, it is quite possible to stop at this.

Exercises for prolonging sexual intercourse to a man

The most popular technique is that offered by the gynecologist Arnold Kegel. It implies the retention of the jet during urination. To do this, you must stretch the abdominal muscles and do not relax for 30-40 seconds. After this, you should slightly empty the bladder and repeat the exercise again, and so 3-4 times. Perform them every day.

Kegel also suggested another way – alternating the compression and unclenching of the muscles of the penis, as much as possible. In addition, it is useful to combine the pushing and retracting movements of the penis. In total, such exercises should be done 10 times a day, gradually increasing the number to 50 times.

Here are some other exercises you can include in charging:

  • Marching. Stand upright, lower along the body of the hand and now actively raise your legs in turn as high as possible, preferably up to the chest. In order not to lose the chosen rhythm, count to three. Give this stage about 3 minutes a day.
  • Running. Become straight, put your feet together, slightly tilt the body forward and simulate running on the gym. Begin to do this slowly, gradually increasing the speed. In this case, try to make the heels almost touch the buttocks, and the knees – the stomach.
  • “Bridge”. Lay down on the floor, bend your knees, place under the buttocks, and place your elbows under your head. Now tear off the body of the body, leaning on the hands and exercises for prolonging sexual intercoursehead, and rise as high as possible.
  • “The Stone”. Standing steadily and holding your hands on your waist, squat slightly, wrapping one foot with the other. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds, then straighten up, take a few breaths and exhale and repeat it all 3 times.
  • Uddiyana. Standing with a straight back, place your legs apart, and place your hands behind your head. Now exhale sharply and draw in your belly, holding your breath. Then within a minute, turn your hips.
  • Rubbing. Lie on your back, bend your knees, putting your heels on the floor. Hands stretch out behind the head, keep the sacrum pressed to the surface. Then turn the pelvis clockwise, as if massaging the lower back.

For the extension of sexual intercourse, all postures in which the blood flows more actively to the penis are useful. That is why it is very important to perform the exercise “bike”, “scissors”, “legs with legs” lying on your back.

If the training of the muscles of the penis does not bring any results, it can be justified to use special erection rings. They put on the penis in the root area, grasping and scrotum.


Nutrition for the extension of sexual intercourse to a man

Those who want to coitus was long, it is necessary to focus on the intake of a large amount of zinc in the body. It is this mineral that is responsible for a good erection. They are rich in pumpkin seeds, oysters, soy flour, pecans, chicken hearts.

Zinc will be ineffective without the addition of vitamin E , which is found in large quantities in walnuts, vegetable oils, bran bread, brown rice, red fish, bananas and tomatoes. All these products improve potency, prevent erectile dysfunction and allow the penis to maintain a longer stress.

The third most important substance is magnesium, it is in apricots, prunes, chickpeas, beans, oat flakes.

Another important vitamin is carnitine, the concentration of which is high in beef, pork, cod, ice cream, cheese and avocado.

Those who want to prolong the sexual intercourse should use as many exciting products as possible – greens, turnips, onions, garlic, ginger, citrus, coffee and any drinks based on it.

Note! It should be removed from the menu or reduced consumption of smoked products, sweets, carbonated and alcoholic beverages, flour products, fast food.


Medications for prolonging sexual intercourse in men

The best tablets for otdviganiya orgasm recognized Viagra (analogues – Adamax-100 and Alti-Met). They are made on the basis of sildenafil, which increases blood flow to the penis and supports a normal erection. But, of course, the drug works only with sexual arousal. In order for the drug to help, you need to drink it 50 grams for an Generic cialis hour before intercourse. Depending on the effectiveness of treatment, the daily dose can be increased to duration of sexual intercourse100 g. The

Second most popular drug for maintaining an erection is the generic Cialis (analogues – Up-Great, Vekta, Viassel). The active substance here is tadalafil. The product is available in the form of tablets, which need to drink 20-30 g for half an hour before contact.

Tablets for men for prolonging the sexual intercourse Levitra (analogues – Vivira and Vigrande) based on vardenafil are also considered quite effective , they are sold in a cardboard package of 4 pcs. The recommended initial dose is 10 mg, it is desirable to take the remedy 30 minutes before intercourse, but it is possible earlier.

If you want to get results immediately, then you should use the STUD 5000 spray. It is a blocker of sodium channels, due to which the movement of impulses along the nerve channels slows down and the penis stays strained longer than usual. To do this, just spray the product on the phallus 15 minutes before contact. The spray starts to act after 2-3 minutes, and the effect is preserved for almost an hour.

Of the topical products for prolonging sexual intercourse in men, you can use and Lidocaine in the form of a spray. It reduces the sensitivity of the penis, postponing the onset of orgasm and at the same time not reducing penile tension. Use it just like the STUD 5000.

Note! Viagra and similar tablets can not be taken on a permanent basis, since they are harmful to the liver and kidneys.
Anabolic effect of water in strength training

Anabolic effect of water in strength training

Briefly about the main

Water plays a key role in the life of any athlete. Lack of water leads to weight loss, as the effect of catabolic hormones increases. The water balance is the main constituent of metabolism.

● Full article

strength trainingSportsmen of power sports grow after training much faster if there is enough water in their bodies. Dehydration, or as scientists call it, hypohydration, reduces the natural production of anabolic hormones after strength training and stimulates catabolic production. Sports scientists from the California State University wrote about this phenomenon in the journal of applied physiology.

Dehydration is bad.

If, as a result of dehydration, you lose a certain percentage of your weight, the quality of strength training will be significantly reduced. Moreover, studies have shown that dehydration after exercise increases the production of cortisol. Finally, fat cells that have a good supply of water can easily release fatty acids into the blood, and in muscle cells, there is less destruction of the protein structures if there is enough water in them. Thus, we can say that Generic Viagra water is in some sense anabolic.


waterThe scientific research of the State University of California (Cal State) has expanded the scope of our knowledge about the importance of a normal water balance for athletes of power sports. In this study, 7 bodybuilders were tested three times in squats with a weight of 80% of a one-time maximum.

In the first case, the subjects had a sufficient amount of fluid in the body, in the second case their body weight was reduced by 2.5% as a result of dehydration and in the third – by 5%.


After training, the researchers measured the amount of anabolic and catabolic hormones in the test subjects blood. They noted that dehydration led to an increase in the output of cortisol after training and to a slight decrease in the production of testosterone and growth hormone.

The conclusion.

“These data indicate that the body’s water balance is an important factor in hormonal balance and improves the metabolic response to force loads,” the researchers concluded.

how does viagra work


Undoubtedly,  generic Viagra is considered the number one agent for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and the return of potency. Most men know how to take it, but still some facts about its actions remain not very clear. To clarify the situation, it is necessary to clarify the principles of its operation in detail, which we will now find out. The effect of Viagra on potency is different from the effects of other drugs on this natural process, since Viagra is just a medicine, not a symptomatic treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Many men may think that these blue pills are nothing more than a panacea for men’s sexual weakness. But in order to maintain your own health, it is important to know all the nuances of Viagra and how it works. Viagra treats the main cause of impotence, namely the inability to have a sufficient erection for the conduct and completion of sexual intercourse. First of all, it eliminates the disruption of the blood vessels, which are directly involved in the process of erection.generic Viagra

These are tablets used to treat impotence in men. It helps a lot of men who have intimate dysfunction, eventually to achieve a normal erection and keep it for a long time, but only under the condition of sufficient sexual arousal. Warning for all men! You can not have an erection if you take this medication, without first having taken care of a good sexual arousal.

Viagra provides real opportunities for many men suffering from dysfunction in the field of erection, to receive a penis reaction to sexual arousal. Once again it is worth mentioning that only in combination with a strong sexual arousal of a man, generic Viagra will begin to improve the blood supply to the penis, filling it with blood to such an extent for the appearance of a sufficient erection.

It goes without saying that after the end of sexual intercourse and ejaculation, the penis comes to a familiar state of tranquility. But it is with the help of generic Viagra that there is stimulation of blood flow in the small vessels of the penis and thus the potency increases.

To act on the elimination of the problem, you must first know its causes.

The causes of erectile dysfunction, as a rule, are complex and include a number of factors –


these are physiological factors, as well as negative psychological conditions of stress and anxiety.

Even any slightest damage to the nerves, arteries, blood vessels, muscle tissue, chronic diseases such as diabetes and hepatitis, pyelonephritis, neurological diseases always lead to erectile dysfunction. If to speak in a percentage, then physiological diseases account for approximately 75% of cases of disappearance of potency. But in the remaining 25% of the blame for male violence are psychological factors: depression, guilt, anxiety and troubles at work. But to start taking Viagra yourself as a means to increase potency is not recommended, because you need to consult with a doctor without fail.

The reason for this is the following – the active substance of Viagra called Sildenafil immediately interacts with most drugs. And in the first place – it’s nitrates, which are used to treat heart disease. With the simultaneous administration of these drugs, a negative reaction of the organism in the form of serious complications is possible. But still, the use of Viagra has good results on the health of men. It has been clinically proven that more than 80% of patients claim a strong effect and a feeling of deep satisfaction after taking Viagra, about 15% of men still consider its effect to improve potency not very effective and only 5% found it necessary to refuse taking tablets, because its action was unacceptable to their health.

As you can see, the effect of this drug on the sexual power of a man in most cases is purely positive. But the positive effect of the drug should be carried out only after detailed consultation of the attending physician. It is always worth remembering the fact that in the absence of sexual arousal, the action of Viagra will not be any effective.

Side effects of Viagra

During the clinical studies of Viagra, some rare side effects were found. But do not worry in vain, because such complications occur in less than 2% of men who have been examined. And the side effects were usually not observed in men who observed the necessary dosages and recommendations of a doctor. But in case of an overdose or weakened organism, or if there are chronic diseases, the following side effects are possible.

General dysfunction and weakening of the body: the appearance of facial swelling, the presence of hypersensitivity to light, deterioration of well-being, weakness and malaise, severe headaches and migraines, chills and dizziness, abdominal pain, allergic reactions, chest pains, fragility of the musculoskeletal system.

From the cardiovascular system: tachycardia, arrhythmia, a sharp decrease in blood pressure, ischemia or ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, as well as violations of cardiac conduction.

On the part of the digestive system: the presence of vomiting, dry mouth, belching, gingivitis and stomatitis, exacerbation of gastritis, gastroenteritis and colitis, as well as rectal hemorrhoids.

Side effect of lymph and hematopoiesis: anemia.

  • Influence on digestion: thirst, swelling of different parts of the body, thickening of blood, increased blood sugar.
  • Dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, myalgia, tendon ruptures, bone and tendon pain.
  • Problems with the state of the nervous system: sleep disorders and hypersensitivity.
  • Exacerbation of the respiratory system: exacerbation of asthma, respiratory distress, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, increased separation of sputum, the appearance of cough.
  • The appearance of skin problems: allergic reactions in the form of acne, herpes, dermatitis.
  • Impaired sensory organs: conjunctivitis, pain in the ears, tenderness of the eyes and their hypersensitivity, dullness of hearing, eye hemorrhage, cataract, dryness of the eye mucosa.
  • Of course, the most negative is Viagra can act on the genitourinary system and can provoke cystitis, urinary incontinence, increased urination, an increase in the size of the mammary glands, impaired ejaculation, swelling of the genital organs and the lack of orgasm.

In general, the effect of Viagra on a man’s potency is positive. Moreover, when a man develops a sphere of sexual relations, then he begins to excel in other areas of life – career, communication with friends, hobbies, and thus the problem with potency in the course of time itself fades into the background. The only thing that should be adhered to is the doctor’s consultations and the dosage of the drug. It is necessary to tune in to a positive result and then everything will fall into place.

buy cialis generic online

Generic cialis: how to use, side effects and recommendations.

Cialis (not to be confused with Sealex), belonging to the category of pharmaceuticals used to treat erectile disorders in men, appeared on the world drug market, unlike Viagra and Levitra, relatively recently, but already managed to gain a firm position on it. High quality, excellent efficiency and high safety are the factors that allowed Cialis to become one of the most popular drugs that increase male potency.

Generics are medicines that are complete analogs of the original drugs. Not differing from the original medicines in their composition and pharmacological properties, generics, nevertheless, favorably differ from them by their cost. The relatively low price of generics is explained simply – their producers do not invest in the creation of a new active substance, its testing and entry into the market.

 Active substance and properties

The active substance of Cialis and its analogues is tadalafil (Latin Tadalafilum). Tadalafil acts like sildenafil citrate, which is part of Viagra. It enhances the relaxing effect on the vascular wall, so that the vessels of the cavernous bodies of the penis expand and provide an erection mechanism.

How does Cialis work?

The action of tadalafil tablets is comparable to Viagra. But even though these medicines are designed to solve one problem, buy cialis generic online, there are still differences between them. And the most important characteristic is the duration of the drug’s effect, which is 36 hours. Tadalafil is rapidly absorbed, relaxes the smooth muscles of the cavernous body, increasing the flow capacity of blood vessels. As a result – is strengthened, and for a long time there is a stable erection. Cialis is not a hormone or an aphrodisiac. Therefore, excitation appears in a natural way, and not through the action of the medicine.

The peak of the action of Cialis is felt 2 hours after admission. Men develop an erection, which is necessary for the normal satisfaction of the partner. Together with your beloved woman you will feel unforgettable sensations from sex, again you will be confident in yourself as a man, return the former joy of sex to an intimate life. The drug Cialis will help to forget forever about sexual disorders. buy cialis generic online

Tablets Cialis: how to take them?

Photo of cialis tablets The medicine can not only benefit, but also harm the health. To prevent this from happening, carefully study the leaflet from the manufacturer and adhere to the rules of taking the medicine. And the instruction says that:


 1) Tablets should be taken whole inside, do not chew and drink with liquid (water, tea);

 2) The drug can be taken regardless of food;

 3) The maximum daily dose of not more than one tablet;

 4) It is recommended to take the medicine 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

buy cialis generic online

Tadalafil refers to effective and safe drugs, which is confirmed by clinical trials. But every person has certain characteristics of the body. Therefore, Cialis tablets can act in different ways. First of all, you should get advice from your doctor before the reception. As for the dosage, it may be enough to receive only one dose. Or it may take time to adapt the body, and a longer period of taking the medication.

where to buy cheap generic viagra

Generic Viagra

Advantages of the generic sildenafil citrate:

1. High performance indicators, for most men;
2. Due to abundant blood flow, the sensitivity of the penis increases;
3. Achievement of a second erection, after ejaculation, occurs 2 times faster;

The drug sildenafil citrate, is the main component of Viagra tablets.

As you can see in the photo, the generic Viagra is a small-sized tablet, with a blue tint. Viagra helps millions of men around the world to deal with problems of lack of erection. I must say that almost every second person on the planet heard the word Viagra, and after all it is consumed no more than several decades. I think this already says a lot, so join the world experience, try the generic Viagra and maybe your life will soon change for the better.

Active ingredient sildenafil directly affects the natural mechanism of erection, so the Viagra generic is safe and in a completely natural way helps men achieve a stable and long erection.

However, it is worth remembering that pills of Viagra, by themselves, can not cause an erection. In order to have an erection, you need the presence of sexual arousal. So, dear girls and women, how much you feed a man with Viagra, and if he does not want you, then he will not stand up.

Pharmacological name (INN) – Citrate sildenafil. Group: drugs to increase potency. Class: PDE-5 blockers.

Commercial name – Viagra® is a brand developed by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer (Fayser). The name of Viagra appeared as a result of the merger of two words Vigor (power, energy, force) and Niagara (waterfall in North America). All currently produced generics are produced mainly in India.where to buy cheap generic viagra

Generic analogues are Malegra, Silagra, Siagra, Kamagra, Genagra, Erectil, Erasmo, Potenciale, Shuhagra, Caverta ( Caverla, Edegra, Penegra, Superviga, Penimex, Konegra, Zenegra, and others.

What is the difference between the generic Viagra and the original drug?

If to approach, from the medical point of view, then it will be difficult to find the differences. All the differences are in the legal field, namely the availability of patent and production rights. Since sildenafil, this is a complete analogue of the drug Viagra with some addition of various other components. Until the end of the term of the patent, where to buy cheap generic viagra, no one can produce drugs with the same name. The chemical composition of tablets and the quality of generics are completely analogous to branded tablets, there may be some differences in the flavor, and color, the tablet form, the appearance of the package and the labeling can also be fundamentally changed.

Indications for use

Erectile dysfunction of various etiologies (organic, psychogenic, mixed). Impotence. Treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

Contraindications to use

Hypersensitivity; simultaneous intake of donators of nitric oxide or nitrates in any form. With caution: heart disease, anatomical deformations of the penis, sickle-cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia, children’s age.

Dosing and Administration – Tablets are taken orally about 1 hour before the planned sexual activity. A single dose for adults is 50 mg once a day. With regard to efficacy and tolerability, the dose can be increased to 100 mg or reduced to 25 mg. The maximum single dose is 100 mg. In patients with impaired liver or kidney function and in elderly patients, dose adjustments are not required.where to buy cheap generic viagra

Side Effects

When sildenafil is used, the following side effects are relatively rare: headache, blood flushes to the face, dizziness, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, visual impairment (color change of objects (blue / green), increased sensitivity to light, impaired vision ).

Interaction – cimetidine, ketoconazole, erythromycin lower the clearance and increase the concentration of sildenafil in the blood. Strengthens the antiaggregant effect of sodium nitroprusside. Strengthens the hypotensive effect of nitrates (the combination of sildenafil with nitrates can lead to death), a potentially life-threatening joint appointment with BCCC, beta-blockers and oral hypoglycemic drugs.

Information for users

Sildenafil is by far the simplest and most convenient drug for increasing potency. Mechanism of action: the drug increases the amount entering the cavernous bodies of the penis blood, which causes a natural, strong and persistent erection.

The drug works only if a man experiences sexual arousal. After ejaculation, the drug does not stop functioning and the erection is quickly restored. Thus, the drug acts on the natural mechanism of erection, without affecting the subcortical and spinal brain structures of the brain.

Migraine Headaches and Hormone Imbalance

Dr. Maupin: This is episode 33 of the biobalance Healthcast. I’m Dr. Kathy Maupin.

hormonal migrainesDr. Newcomb: And I’m Brett Newcomb and today we’re going to talk about headaches. We’re going to talk about all different kinds of headaches, but our focus is going to be on migraine headaches and their connection to hormone imbalances. Dr. Maupin: I have a vested interest in this because when I was 35, 36, I began having migraines and they were not timed with periods or anything and they got worse and worse until I had my hysterectomy at 47. They were carrying me out of my office throwing up and nauseated and I had to go home, and cancel patients. It was horrible. I have patients that come to me like that now. But when I got to 47, I thought “Oh I’m going to have my ovaries out, this is going to fix it”. But it didn’t, it made it worse. And I had headaches all the time then. But when I found the pellets and the testosterone, I tried all the different hormones. Nothing worked. All the other bio-identicals didn’t work. But when I tried pellets with testosterone I never had another headache. And I haven’t had another migraine in nine and a half years. That’s a miracle to me. Dr. Newcomb: Wow. Well it’s impressive.

Fortunately i’ve never suffered from headaches. I cause them but I don’t get them. Or seldom get them. But i’ve had lots of clients through the years with severe migraine problems who

Have to go lay down in a dark place, who have to stay very still for hours at a time. I’ve

Even had a couple that literally had to go to the emergency room and there’s some sort of shot that they give them. Dr. Maupin: They give them a narcotic.Dr. Newcomb: Is that what it is? Dr. Maupin: A narcotic is the only thing.It’s really for the symptom for the pain. It doesn’t really fix the headache, they just know the headache is going to go away soon. But really what a migraine is is not a muscle spasm. It is actually a swelling of the vessels in your head. Your head can’t stretch. I mean your head is fixed after you’re a baby and all of the plates of your head fuse; you can’t stretch your head. So when the veins get bigger there’s no space to go, so it aches. As the veins get really big, you get your headache and it causes you to throw up, and it causes you to see an aura sometimes, and have light sensitivity.Dr. Newcomb: That’s what people tell me. And it’s hard if you’ve never experienced anything like that, to really, not to have empathy for it, but to understand it. And you work on things like relaxation, meditation, calming exercises. Sometimes they help and sometimes they don’t. Dr. Maupin: If it’s a [headache caused by a] hormonal reason it’s not going to help that.Dr. Newcomb: People will say I’m trying all these things and they’re not making any difference. I had one client, poor lady, she was almost going to lose her job, her

Marriage was in trouble, because she literally had migraines so excessively and she was so

Limited and the doctors couldn’t find an answer. Dr. Maupin: The medicines didn’t work. Dr. Newcomb: No Dr. Maupin: I have several neurologists who are in St. Louis who now send me their patients that are over 40 who have migraine headaches and they’ve tried everything. They’ve done the work-up, which you should always do. You should always have your headaches worked up. Get an MRI. Make sure you see a neurologist, or a headache specialist and make sure the headache doesn’t mean you have a brain tumor or an abnormality in the vessels in your head, because God forbid we treat that with hormones. That’s not what we’re doing. We wait until someone has had their work-up. Or we send them for a work-up. But we work with the neurologist. And now there are articles in the neurologic literature

That talk about giving testosterone to stop headaches. And of course it was first in men.

Because men have testosterone and they noticed when they did blood tests they had low testosterone.

And they had all these horrible headache, and when they replaced it, they went away.

Dr. Newcomb: They didn’t have it. Dr. Maupin: Then they started looking at women.

And now Dr. Banks here in St. Louis is amazing. He sends me patients. After he’s worked them up and he’s treated them the way he treats them and they can’t get better, he sends them to me and I get them better. And I send my patients to him for the work-up. Dr. Newcomb: Right. Dr. Maupin: So it all works out. But you should have the work-up first if this is one of your problems. And I had the MRI as well, when

I had the headaches to make sure I wasn’t going to have a stroke. That’s very important. Then after you go through the work-up and if it doesn’t work, then hormonal replacement in some cases works for migraines. Dr. Newcomb: I’m not medically gifted soyou have repeat things for me and clarify things for me. Help me understand what the difference is that makes a headache a migraine as opposed to just a bad headache, because you can have a bad headache and not have it be a migraine.

Dr. Maupin: I always have my patients describe their migraines or headaches because they

Sometimes think they have a migraine headache because it comes on all the time. But a migraine is specifically a throbbing headache that has an aura or some kind of light flashes or kind of an aura around whatever you’re looking at. Dr. Newcomb: You see those externally or you experience them internally?

Dr. Maupin: Well, they happen inside your brain but you see them as if they were in front of you and these little lights that happen. Dr. Newcomb: So pressure on the optic nerve. Dr. Maupin: That’s exactly right – from the pressure of the swelling vessels. Dr. Newcomb: So pressure from the brain swells.

Dr. Maupin: So you get that first. You may not have pain yet. Some people say they have pain immediately. Then there’s a nausea and a there’s a light sensitivity. You see people walking around the office with their sunglasses on and a horrible look on their face. Dr. Newcomb: Or they’re just trying to be

Cool, i’ll wear my sunglasses at night. Dr. Maupin: If they look like they’re going to throw up, they’re not trying to be cool and they’re ready to go home. Those are the symptoms. Usually it is here. People say “this is my migraine. It’s right here every time”. It’s usually in one place, one space. Or it’s one sided.

Dr. Newcomb: So it’s not just sinus cavities. Dr. Maupin: No. The sinus cavities are both sides in general. If I want to know if someone has a sinus headache I go like this. If that hurts, that’s a sinus headache. If they have, (these are the non-migraine headaches), if they have a tension headache they say ‘oh it’s right here and it goes all the way down and I have a neck pain and then my headache starts up here and it’s both sides and it feels tight’. That’s the muscles of their head, the outside of their skull tensing up and causing them to have pain from muscle tension. Dr. Newcomb: Those are the headaches, the few that i’ve had. They all start right back here at the top of the neck and the shoulders where all those muscles tighten up. I talk to patients about it because when, if you have a stressful situation at work and you

Have a long drive home you can actually feel your arms get longer as you drive, as that

Stress calms, and you relax. Dr. Maupin: As you’re calming down. But if you’ve noticed that your shoulders have reached your ears before the end of the day and you have a headache that’s generally a muscle spasm headache, a tension headache. Dr. Newcomb: All that’s knotted up. And then it comes over the top and they feel it here. Dr. Maupin: Right. And so they think sometimes that’s a migraine. They sometimes have nausea with that. However, I suggest massages, acupuncture, any kind of muscle relaxation. Sometimes just exercises and biofeedback help. But in general, patients are so bad by the time they come to me about that that I have to send them to a pain specialist to have them injected and then their headache is gone and they realize what it is. Dr. Newcomb: Once it’s gotten that severe.

I talk about a technique in my practice called “thought stopping”. If stress is magnified in your life and you’re obsessing about certain things and worrying about certain things, you have to learn how to do thought stopping. Tell yourself no; tell yourself  stop. Dr. Maupin: Stop obsessing over something.

Dr. Newcomb: Yes stop even thinking about it. Make yourself think about something else.

And if you can do guided imagery, you can imagine a walk along a brook in the woods

Or sitting in a hay barn watching a storm go across the valley. Whatever might be relaxing

For you. Dr. Maupin: That’s really difficult for a lot of people. And it takes a lot of training. Dr. Newcomb: It is for a lot of people but you can train them to do it. But then they have to choose to do it. It’s like we were

Talking about earlier. Dr. Maupin: Or yoga. Yoga is a great way to relieve tension headaches. There is another kind of tension headaches. Patients go “oh, it hurts right here”. And they’re gritting their teeth.

Dr. Newcomb: Ice cream, brain freeze. Dr. Maupin: No that’s brain freeze. That’s from your sinuses and this is from your TMJ joint. And that kind of headache is usually from grinding your teeth all night, which is bad for your teeth but it is also bad for your headaches. Those patients I send to their dentists for a mouth guard to wear at night and that usually helps. Sometimes chiropractors or other pain specialists can inject it or manipulate it so that they don’t have that, but that’s another type of headache. But I have to rule out all of these different headaches before I say “Yep you’ve got  a migraine and hormones will help”. Then I look at their labs. If their testosterone is low, that’s the key to migraines, and there’s no other kind of testosterone that works on migraines that crosses the blood brain barrier and stops a migraine or prevents it other than pellets or IM shots, shots in the muscle. Something that’s not oral that

Doesn’t go under the skin or vagina or under the tongue. None of those fix migraines, sadly. We have to put the testosterone directly under the skin. Dr. Newcomb: Why? I mean I know we’ve had this conversation multiple times for other issues and you talk about the metabolic interference of the digestive process or the absorption process that are different with sublinguals or skin creams or oral pills. Is it the same kind of thing? Is it a metabolic adaptive? Dr. Maupin: It’s a change. They’re transformed

As they go through the skin or the vagina or under the tongue. That hormone gets changed just to be absorbed. And then, it’s usually changed into an estrogen which makes headaches

Worse. You have to get pure testosterone, just like you had when you were younger, to the brain. To cross the blood brain barrier it has to be pure testosterone not one of the lesser androgens, which are other kind of testosterone like hormones. It has to be pure to get to your brain. And obviously the problem is in your brain. The testosterone  relaxes all those vessels and allows them to shrink and let the blood out of the skull. Dr. Newcomb: When you say pure testosterone you are talking about bioidentical products not plant derivative products. Dr. Maupin: Well plant derivative. I mean bioidenticals are plant derivative. However, they’re just made from a plant, chemically the same, exactly as our hormones. So they have to be that, but they also have to be non-oral, non-transdermal, no other delivery system. They have to be under the skin. Dr. Newcomb: That’s the testosterone issue with migraine headaches. And when we were talking before you said something about a menstrual cycle issue as well.

Dr. Maupin: Right. This is very common. If you have migraines that happen mid-cycle, or if you have migraines that happen right before your period and during your period if you’re a female. (I’m not accusing you of having migraines. This is just for the girls.) If you have that type of headache generally, that’s from a drop of your estrogen right before your period or a sharp rise of your estrogen at ovulation. Those are a change in your estrogen level. We usually put people on the pill if they’re not menopausal or

We put them on constant estrodial. A natural estrodial works best. And usually, same hormone

Everyday is how we do it. Pellets work great for that because they don’t go up and down every day. And we don’t use oral because that just doesn’t tend to work very well except in a birth control pill. Dr. Newcomb: So if you’re suffering from migraines and you have gone to your doctor and you have described your symptomology and they don’t identify that it’s something like a muscle tension, or sinus or TMJ issue,then you have to consider is it possibly a hormonal issue. And as you said they discovered

This by working with men because when the blood tests came back on the men they noticed

The testosterone was low. They gave them testosterone and the migraines stopped. And so now they

Extrapolate that to women as well. And what they’ve discovered is that helps. We’ll talk in other podcasts about andropause which is a word that’s generally applied to and understood to be an issue for men and concerning men, because of the testosterone issue. But women also have to have testosterone and women also have andropause issues and one of those is related to migraines with the testosterone. Dr. Maupin: They’re always very surprised when they come in for another reason for andropause, fatigue, or loss of sex drive or loss of muscle mass, or gaining weight, fatigue, irritability, depression.

Dr. Newcomb: All those cluster symptoms, irritability. Dr. Maupin: They come in for all of those symptoms that haven’t been helped by other methods. And all of a sudden their migraines  are gone too. To them it’s like “oh I didn’t even come in for this, and it’s gone.” Dr. Newcomb: It’s kind of like you notice it by its absence. Dr. Maupin: Right. You notice that you haven’t had a headache in 4 months or 5 months. And “oh that’s amazing I don’t know how that happened”. Dr. Newcomb: I haven’t had a headache since


My mother came to visit. Well that might not be a migraine.

Dr. Maupin: That’s right. That may be tension. Dr. Newcomb: If you have questions about headaches.

If you have questions about hormones or any of the things we’ve talked about in our 33 podcasts. You can ask us those questions directly at. You can also, if you have time and you’re interested, read my blog at Dr. Maupin: And if you’d like to know more about biobalance health or bioidentical hormones visit our website

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